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Structured Data cabling engineers are used for installing the data cables that connect computers, printers and voice over ip phones to the network For data cabling or structured cabling and network installations with network points and the patching of network cabling and then testing the structured cable installation. Communications cabling, voice data cabling and data centre cabling, krone cabling all our certified cabling systems have a 20 year warranty, 12 or 24 port patch panels installed into coms rooms or coms cabinets.

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Structured cabling

Structured network data cabling can be used in many ways to transfer data including voice calls (telephone calls) video and data. There is a standard wiring configuration used on UK structured cable systems known by the standard TIAB. When the cable has been installed it can tested using a calibrated testing device. Once the structured cable installation has been certified then a certificate can be issued guaranteeing that it will transfer data at 1gbps on a Cat5e and cat6 network or 100mb on a cat5 system.

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Computer network cabling is used to connect computers to home and office network switches.

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Structured Cabling network installations in London

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Network Installation

cabling companies that provide fibre cabling, structured wiring also have a cabling installer and cabling installers who are BICSI certified and who can install all structured cabling fast. Ducting wire baskets, cable trays and all required trays can be fitted. Data cabling can be installed using Cat5 Cat5e Cat6 or Cat7 cable. The cable consists of 4 twisted pairs. Data cabling and voice cabling can all use Cat5 Cat5e Cat6 or Cat7 cable, krone system. Network installations all require data cabling, without data cabling no device can communicate with any other device. Structured cabling installers generally use patch panels to connect each end of the structured cabling system to network devices. The data cable for the structured system can either be Cat5 Cat5e Cat6 or Cat 7. The network design is also part of the service including the cable trays, cable tray fixings and cable ties cable labeling.

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Structured Cabling - London Office Network Cabling Installations

Structured Cabling in London

What is structured cabling for offices?

Cabling that connects a number of standardised smaller elements such as panels in telecommunications rooms / cabinets to individual outlets or work areas on the floor usually through conduits, ceiling spaces and floor spaces.

Structured cabling systems are the most commonly used systems for offices from small 5 person businesses to large global corporations. At the heart of their business will be a structured cabling system connecting people and equipment often out of sight and mind.

Cabling that has been routed under a raised floor utilising cable trays.

Structured cabling expertise

Structured cabling systems have different performance ratings, the performance rating is defined by the category. The category determines the maximum rate at which data can be transferred across the system.

The categories listed below are available for installation

  • Cat 5e

    For LAN speeds of 1000Mbit/s - The maximum cable length for Cat 5e systems is 90m. All our Cat 5e systems are guaranteed to perform at Gigabit speed.
  • Cat 6

    For LAN speeds of 1000Mbit/s - A higher performance cable that has better shielding and greater resistance to interference from electrical sources. The maximum cable length for Cat 6 systems is 90m.
  • Cat 7

    For LAN speeds of 10000Mbit/s - The highest performance category copper based system available. Each of the 4 pairs of wires and the cable are shielded. Backwards compatible with CAT5 and CAT6 Ethernet networks.

Steps for installation

  • Survey site
  • Install cable trays
  • Run data cables
  • Terminate data cables in the patch panels
  • Test and certify the system

Benefits - IC Structured Cabling solution

  • Simplify

    - Consolidate multiple cabling systems into one that can transport data of any format, from digital video to analogue telephones.
  • Futureproof

    - Rapid growth in network communications is always pushing the boundaries of cabling infrastructure. Ensuring a futureproof installation is a wise investment considering the appearance of new applications such as Voice Over IP (VOIP).
  • Endurance

    - Every structured cabling installation provided by us comes with a full onsite 20 year warranty covering parts and performance.
  • Integrity

    - For your complete peace of mind we can fully manage your structured cabling solution (and more) including auditing existing infrastructure, maintaining patching schedules and 1 working day break-fix.
  • Branded

    - Branded cabling systems such as Krone or HellermannTyton
  • Structured cabling can be installed by our polite, friendly engineers with minimal disruption to your business, with disruptive tasks taking place outside of normal working hours.

    Inside comms cabinet cable trays aid in keeping the cabling foot print small and increase the available space for a greater density of equipment.
Our structured cable installation expertise

Contact us if you plan on

  • Moving existing network points to accommodate change in office layouts

  • Expanding your current cabling infrastructure for new employees

  • New installations for office moves

  • Replacement of old cabling systems

What are the costs?

Without surveying a site it is a difficult question to answer. It is common in the industry to quote on a per network point basis. So you may see costs of £45+VAT per network point but these prices are based on a certain number of network points being installed. To determine the actual cost the following factors need to be considered.

  • How many network points are required?

    If only one network point is required obviously the time and cost of getting to the site has to be considered.
  • Is there space left on the existing patch panels?

    If only a few network points are being installed and an additional patch panel is required the cost of the patch panel would have to be in addition to the network points.
  • What industry standard of cabling?

    The different cabling standards Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat7 have considerable variations in cost and complexity of installation.
  • Which cabling system?

    Different manufactures of the cabling systems like Krone have different pricing for the cable, patch panels and network modules in comparison to a company like Hellermann Tyton. So the choice of the system does impact on the overall cost.
  • Are there any fire barriers?

    Cables occasionally need to pass through fire barriers in buildings, if this is the case there is an additional cost in reinstating the fire barrier and ensuring it is correctly sealed to delay the spread of fire.
  • Do we need to create holes through concrete floors and walls?

    Certain buildings can pose significant challenges due to their construction, to create routes between concrete floors or walls when there are no risers available or they are too congested a diamond coring drill is required. This specialist drilling equipment leaves a clean smooth hole that can vary in size from a diameter of 3cm to 20cm and is capable of drilling through a thickness of 1 metre. To drill these holes is time consuming and requires good management of the dust created and a thorough clean up of the working area on completion of the hole.
  • Out of hours work

    To minimise disruption to the smooth running of your businesses some clients prefer the work is undertaken outside normal office hours at night or during the weekends. Out of hours work does incur an additional charge.

Now that is out of the way a guideline for the prices is as follows.

  • Cat5e Hellerman Tyton - £45+VAT per network Point
  • Cat6 Brand Rex - £60+VAT per network Point

Comms cabinet with structured cabling and a high density of patch panels.