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Data cabling engineers are used for installing the cables that connect computers, printers and voice over ip phones to the network

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Structured Cabling Services

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Data cable wiring

network data cabling or data cable wiring can be used in many way to transfer data including voice calls (telephone calls), video and data. There is a standard wiring configuration used on UK structured cable systems known by the standard TIAB. When the cable has been installed it can tested using a calibrated testing device. Once the structured cable installation has been certified then a certificate can be issued guaranteeing that it will transfer data at 1gbps on a cat6 network or 100mb on a cat5e system.

computer network cabling

Computer network cabling is used to connect computers to home and office network switches.

Cat 7 cabling

, Cat5, Cat5e, Cat 6 Cat 7 cabling company

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cabling companies that provide fibre cabling, structured wiring also have a cabling installer and cabling installers BICSI certified who can install all structured cabling fast. Ducting wire baskets, cable trays and all required trays can be fitted. Data cabling can be installed using Cat5 Cat5e Cat6 or Cat7 cable. The cable consists of 4 twisted pairs. Data cabling and voice cabling can all use Cat5 Cat5e Cat6 or Cat7 cable, krone system. Network installations all require data cabling, without data cabling no device can communicate with any other device. Structured cabling installers generally use patch panels to terminate each end of the data cable. The data cable for the structured system can either be Cat5 Cat5e Cat6 or Cat 7. The network design is also part of the service including the cable trays, cable tray fixings and cable ties cable labelling.

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Emergency Network Cabling London- Fixes and repairs

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  • Cut or damaged cables repaired

  • Network point repairs

  • Intermittent connectivity

Emergency Network Cabling Fixes and Repairs

Unexpected accident or an unknown issue

Prepare for the unexpected as the saying goes but in the real world this is often not possible and just wishful thinking.

Accidents, leaks or just clumsy employees can all cause damage to the network cabling infrastructure and that is why emergency repairs are occasionally necessary.

If you are unfortunate enough to require this service rest assured our quick response and skilled workforce are experienced in minimising disruption through temporary fixes until a suitable time can be arranged for a complete repair.

Emergency Network Fixes

  • Coupling Cables

    Cut or damaged cable can often be coupled together if space allows using RJ45 plugs and a coupling module.
  • Badly Damage Cables

    By removing the damaged section and coupling in a new section of cable
  • Module Repair

    In the event of a damaged patch panel and replacing the panel is not an option a variety of fixes are possible.
  • Spliced Solder Repairs

    A lack of space can restrict the ability to couple the cables with the only option being a solder repair.

What are the costs?

The very nature of the emergency work makes fixed price work not possible

The cost for the callout is £90+VAT including 1 hours work and then £45+VAT for each additional hour