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Installation of data cabling in the London area.

Data cable installation London

if you are looking for data cable installation in London you have found the right place. Being based in London we can quickly get to sites in the city to manage and maintain data cable installations in London. Our data cable installations include Cat5 data cable, Cat6 data cable and Cat7 data cable, new data cable installations or changes to the existing data cable installations are all undertaken.

data cabling installation in London

data cable systems installed

All types of data cable systems can be installed by our certified engineers in the London area, from Cat5 data cabling, Cat6 data cabling and even Cat7 data cabling.

Data cable installers in London

Our experienced and qualified data cable installers in London are here to install everything from Cat5 data network cabling, Cat6 data network cabling and Cat7 data network cabling.

Data Cabling Installation Services

, Communications cabling, network cabling, Cat5, Cat5e, Cat 6 Cat 7 cabling company.

network cable systems

Multiple types of network cable systems are available for instalation by our qualified engineers in London, from Cat5 network cabling, Cat6 network cabling and even Cat7 network cabling.

Network Cable Installation London

Network cable installation in London is a competitive market with numerous companies offering network cabling installations in London. Finding the right network cabling installation company in London requires you to evaluate the data cabling system you need to install from Cat5e network cabling installation, Cat6 network cabling installation and even a Cat7 network cabling installation.

Network installations London

network cabling

Inventive cabling prides itself on data cabling, network cabling, structured cabling, it cabling, network cable installations.

Network Installation London

IT Network Installation

Network cable installation

office data cabling London

office cabling London

office network cabling London

Network Wiring London

IP Camera Cabling London

VOIP Phone Camera Cabling

structured cabling London

IT Cabling London for data

IT cabling for data is critical to the smooth running of your company network, no data could be transfered without the IT cabling. Our network installers or network cable installers install IT cabling in London. Cat5 network cabling and Cat5e data cabling is the most commonly found network cable in offices, cat5e cable supports speeds up to 1000mbps over a distance of 90m.

IT cabling company London

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Structured cabling system

Cat 5 data cabling installation London

Cat5 data cabling installation London

Cat6 data cabling installation London

Inventive Cabling has years of experience installing Cat6 data cable into offices in London, Cat6 data cable in schools in London and data centres in London. The installation of Cat6 data cable is as quick as Cat5 data cable and the costs are now the same.

Cat 6 data cabling installation

Cat6 data cabling

Patch panel installation

telecommunications cabling

Data Patching

telecommunications installation

office cabling

Data cabling company that provide fibre cabling, structured wiring also have data cabling installer and data cabling installers BICSI certified who can install all structured cabling fast. Ducting wire baskets, cable trays and all required trays can be fitted. Data cabling can be installed using Cat5 Cat5e Cat6 or Cat7 cable. The cable consists of 4 twisted pairs. Data cabling and voice cabling can all use Cat5 Cat5e Cat6 or Cat7 cable, krone system. Network installations all require data cabling, without data cabling no device can communicate with any other device. Structured cabling installers generally use patch panels to terminate each end of the data cable. The data cable for the structured system can either be Cat5 Cat5e Cat6 or Cat 7. The network design is also part of the service.

Network Cabling Installation Company Based In London
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Data Cabling - Network cabling installation London

All photos are from our own installations in London
London network cabling expertise
  • Small business network cabling specialists

    - Small businesses and offices suffer the most of all businesses from disruption and this is why we work around you.
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  • Expansion of existing cabling systems

    - Addition of extra network points to your existing network is often quick and simple.
  • Relocation of existing network points

    - Fastest and most cost efficient option is to work with what you have. Extending or reducing the length of cables allows the quick repositioning of the network point.
  • Office Network Data Cabling

    - Fast, clean and thorough is the service you can expect and is why the majority of our business is repeat business.
  • Cabling for IP Camera systems

    - Network points inside and outside buildings for IP cameras.
  • Cabling for VOIP phone systems

  • Structured cabling for Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Fibre

  • Communications Rooms / Communications Cabinets

Network Switch cabled

Four reasons to use our network cabling systems

  • Fanatic approach

    - Our fanatic approach to installation and testing of structured cable systems ensures a lifetime of trouble free operation.
  • Experienced Cable Installers

    - All installers have a minimum of five years experience and most significantly more (20+ years)!
  • Comprehensive service

    - After the installation of the structured cabling we fabricate patch cables on site to keep the cabling professional and manageable!
  • Low key

    - On site you can guarantee that we will work around your business ensuring a minimum of disruption.

More information on our structured cable systems

All our installations are tested and certified using Fluke equipment.

Patch Cabinet Data Centre

We truly take pride in our work and like to believe we cross the boundary between cabling and art!

Patch Cabinet Data Centre

Network cabling installations - London

Patch Cabinet Data Centre

The growing complexity of modern day networks requires an intrinsic blend of expertise, patience and attention to detail to ensure connectivity.

Patch Cabinet Data Centre

Every patch cable is measured, cut, crimped, labelled and tested to ensure a perfect fit.