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Cat5 Network Cabling London

Cat5 Network cabling

installations are the backbone of many office networks. Our Cat5 network cabling installations are guaranteed for 20 years and are fully certified with Fluke testing equipment. Being based in London we can quickly get to sites in the city to manage and maintain Cat5 network cabling installations in London.
Inventive Cabling are capable of moving existing Cat5 network cables or installing new Cat5 cables. The service includes design of the cabling system, all containment, cabinets and panels. A site survey with you allows all the Cat5 network points to be identified and inserted into a floor plan taking into account all possible network attached devices such as printers and phones. With this information an accurate cost and timescale and be given.
Network Cabling Installation Company Based In London
Site Survey FREE
Network Point From £45+VAT per port
Day Rate £295
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Cat5 Network Cabling - Network cabling installation London

All photos are from our own installations
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  • Installation of new Cat5 network cabling systems in London

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  • Cat5 network cabling specialists

    - Small businesses suffer the most of all businesses from disruption and this is why we work around you.
  • Expansion of existing Cat5 network cabling systems

    - Addition of extra network points to your existing network is often quick and simple.
  • Relocation of existing Cat5 network cabling points

    - Fastest and most cost efficient option is to work with what you have. Extending or reducing the length of cables allows the quick repositioning of the network point.
  • Office Cat5 Network Cabling

    - Fast, clean and thorough is the service you can expect and is why the majority of our business is repeat business.
  • Cat5 Network Cabling for IP Camera systems

    - Network points inside and outside buildings for IP cameras.
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Four reasons to use our network cabling systems

  • Professional approach

    - Our professional approach to installation and testing of Cat5 network cabling systems ensures a lifetime of trouble free operation.
  • Experienced Cat5 network cable installers

    - All installers have a minimum of five years experience and most significantly more (20+ years)!
  • Comprehensive service

    - After the installation of the Cat5 network cabling we can fabricate patch cables on site to keep the cabling professional and manageable!
  • Minimal disruption

    - On site you can guarantee that we will work around your business ensuring a minimum of disruption.

More information on our structured cable systems

All our installations are tested and certified using Fluke equipment.

Patch Cabinet Data Centre

We truly take pride in our work and like to believe we cross the boundary between cabling and art!

Patch Cabinet Data Centre

Network cabling installations - London

Patch Cabinet Data Centre

The growing complexity of modern day networks requires an intrinsic blend of expertise, patience and attention to detail to ensure connectivity.

Patch Cabinet Data Centre

Every patch cable is measured, cut, crimped, labelled and tested to ensure a perfect fit.

20 year warranty