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telecommunications installation

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cabling companies that provide fibre cabling, structured wiring also have a cabling installer and cabling installers BICSI certified who can install all structured cabling fast. Ducting wire baskets, cable trays and all required trays can be fitted. Data cabling can be installed using Cat5 Cat5e Cat6 or Cat7 cable. The cable consists of 4 twisted pairs. Data cabling and voice cabling can all use Cat5 Cat5e Cat6 or Cat7 cable, krone system. Network installations all require data cabling, without data cabling no device can communicate with any other device. Structured cabling installers generally use patch panels to terminate each end of the data cable. The data cable for the structured system can either be Cat5 Cat5e Cat6 or Cat 7. The network design is also part of the service including the cable trays, cable tray fixings and cable ties cable labeling.

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Importance of a site survey

  • Requirements

    A face to face meeting at your site allows the requirements of the network to be gathered ensuring we have a complete understanding of your expectations.
  • Plan

    With the requirements for your network we can now inspect the area and plan the best way to route the cabling to install the system.
  • Document

    Now we have all the information we can create the required documents and drawings so you have a full schedule of works.

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